We are Atebol

We create content to open doors – doors to learning, fun, excitement and understanding.

We do three key things…

We publish world-class authors and illustrators, bringing their stories to new audiences to enjoy in Welsh, English and other languages.

We foster multilingual learning, producing resources to inspire in the classroom and at home, for life.

We help organisations to tell their stories well, working in diverse languages and across many channels: on paper, online and on screen.

On the Page

  • We publish around 60 books every year. Some Welsh, some English, some bilingual. We’ve even won some awards.
  • We translate over 12 million words a year in a multitude of different languages for our clients.
  • We provide a wide range of graphic design and publishing services.


  • We develop bilingual websites to allow our clients to share their content creatively and clearly.
  • We produce apps and online games to make learning fun; the largest developer of Welsh language apps.
  • We update clients’ website text, often directly on their CMS, in Welsh and English.

On Screen

  • We subtitle S4C’s TV programmes, and other on-screen content – making it accessible to others.
  • We produce videos to bring your content and stories to life.
  • We translate creative content in many different languages, as well as providing many other services such as video transcription services, and audio.

In Life

  • We educate and inspire children, young people and adults through our books, games and digital resources.
  • We bring the Welsh language alive in homes and classrooms, making it accessible wherever you are.

How we go about it

We want our work to truly speak to the people it reaches – so we make it vibrant, inclusive and individual, whether it’s a book or a business report, or anything in-between.

What’s important to us

We support local communities and the young

Providing opportunities for them to work in creative and exciting fields in Wales.

We are a family

Caring about how we do things is as important as our commercial success.

We’re vibrant

Renowned for our energy and creativity, we’re not afraid to take risks and think differently.

We believe learning is fun

It opens doors to imagination and opportunity.

We’re insightful

Great work comes from deep understanding.




Since opening the doors of our Aberystwyth office in 2003, we’ve now expanded and have a great team of more than 40 working in our three offices. We also have dozens of team members working from their own homes across Wales.

Providing opportunities for great people and young people in Wales is important to us. We provide our team with the support and the flexibility to flourish and have fun at work.

We are a forward-thinking publishing house and multimedia company based in Wales. We began life in 2003 as specialists in educational materials to support the national curriculum and further academic study, through the medium of Welsh. Learning is still at our heart.

Today, we are known for our vibrant, progressive approach to content, not just in Welsh but in other languages, too. Content for education, for businesses, for families, through books and beyond to the world of multimedia.

Creating amazing content is king, whatever the medium. We love to deliver work that stretches and inspires us and those we reach; and to create inspiring jobs for people across our communities in the process.

We are Atebol.

On the Page. Online. On Screen. In Life.

Our company brands

Our publishing title brands

The focus on quality

Quality Assurance

The company has documented quality assurance systems.

External accreditation for ISO9001, which proves our commitment to managing work efficiently.

Recognised Company with Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru (the Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters).

Any re-working issues that may arise will be dealt with through our Quality Policy, our Complaints Policy, and our Client Charter.

Safe Hands and Wider Responsibilities

The company is fully committed and compliant with the requirements of the Welsh Language Standards, through our Welsh Language Policy.

The company has clear policies in relation to the environment and sustainability. We are accredited by Green Dragon.

The company has core values in terms of sustainable development, social inclusion and equal opportunities, as well as key business values in its approach to fairness, honesty, efficiency and professionalism.

The company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and/or any subsequent legislative regulations, directives or guidelines relating to the protection, collection, storage, supply and release of any personal data.

The company is certified in terms of web safety (Cyber Essential Plus Certified).

We guarantee that, in providing the Services, we will comply with all the duties placed on it by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and with all other statutory regulations applicable to the services and to all work sites.



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