Religious Choral Music and the Symphony (1730 – 1910)


A comprehensive study guide to support students studying Religious Choral Music (1730 – 1890) and The Symphony (1760 – 1910) for their AS and A Level Music examination. The Guide focuses specifically on Unit 3 (area of study A) and Unit 6 (area of study E).

The publication looks in greater detail on 20 notable works within these genres in addition to providing detailed analytical and contextual detail. The composers include:

Religious Choral MusicPergolesi; Handel; Small; Mozart; Haydn; Berlioz; Rossini; Mendelssohn; Liszt and Brahms.

The Symphony: Haydn; Mozart; Mozart; Beethoven; Schubert; Berlioz; Franck; Bruckner; Sibelius and Mahler.

There is also a detailed introduction to both genres, relevant timelines, and mind maps. The resource also includes examples of questions and guidance and mp3 files to accompany this Guide on the Hwb website.

This is an essential handbook and guide for AS and A Level students to assist them to prepare and revise for their Music AS and A Level examinations.

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