Zap Ffactor – Jigso Llafariaid


Jig-so Llafariaid provides the perfect opportunity to familiarise with Welsh vowels – a, e, i, o, u, w, y.

Do you enjoy playing jigsaws? Come and learn your Welsh vowels with interactive jigsaws! This app has been specifically prepared for primary school children. There are 3 levels with each level missing at least one letter from a word… can you fill in the missing pieces to complete the words?

• Level 1 – You will need to drag the vowel to complete the start of the word.
• Level 2 – Complete the word by dragging the correct vowel.
• Level 3 – You will need to drag 2 vowels which are missing from the word.

There’s a scoring system in place to track your progress or to compare with friends! Download the app today to start learning!

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