Zap Ffactor – Ffair Sillafu


Ffair Sillafu provides the perfect opportunity to improve spelling of commonly used Welsh words.

Come to the ‘Ffair Sillafu’ where you can improve your spelling of Welsh words through funfair attractions! This app is specifically prepared for primary school children. There are comical cartoons and eye-catching animations to make learning fun! Come to see the helter skelter and shooting ducks range that create the atmosphere! There are 3 levels which follow the same format but with one catch – the words get harder! In each level you will have the opportunity to hear the word’s pronunciation. Then, you will need to pick the correct letters to form the word. Lastly, type the letters which make up the word!

There’s a scoring system in place to track your progress or to compare with friends! Download the app today to start learning!

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