Zap Ffactor – Defnyddio Deuseiniaid


Defnyddio Deuseiniaid provides the perfect opportunity to familiarise with Welsh diphthongs, namely, ae, ai, oi, aw, au, oe, ei, eu, ia, io, wy, yw, ew and iw.

Come and practice your Welsh diphthongs with our exciting new app aimed for primary school children! You’ll have the opportunity to complete 3 levels which are full of comical cartoons!

• Level 1 – You will need to listen carefully to how the diphthongs are pronounced.
• Level 2 – Recognise the diphthong within a sentence.
• Level 3 – You will need to drag the correct diphthong to complete a word.

There’s a scoring system in place to track your progress or to compare with friends! Download the app today to start learning!

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