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Cytseiniaid Clwm provides the perfect opportunity to recognise Welsh double consonants, namely, bl, br, chw, cl, cn, cr, cw, dr, tl, ffl, ffr, gl, st, gr, gw, pl, pr, sb, sg, sl and tr.

If you prefer to have fun whilst learning the Welsh Language then this app is ideal for you! It has been specifically prepared for primary school children. You’ll have the opportunity to pronounce digraphs through the help of comical cartoons! There are four levels waiting for you!

• Level 1 – Say what you see… then… connect the digraphs to the cartoon.
• Level 2 – Say the digraph… then… look at the cartoon carousel and pick the one that matches the digraph.
• Level 3 – Here, the cartoons and digraphs are hiding! You will need to flip the cards over and, in turn, pair the cartoon to the digraphs that starts the word.
• Level 4 – This time, the cartoons randomly show on the screen… tap the ones that match the digraphs, before they hide!

There’s a scoring system in place to track your progress or to compare with friends! Download the app today to start learning!

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