Ffatri Robotiaid 2


There are twenty activities that motivate children to investigate and explore mathematical concepts independently.
These activities are based in a Robot Factory and users are rewarded with robot pieces when completing activities which they can use to build their own robot that is displayed on the floors.
Each game has been developed to accompany the needs of the Mathematics curriculum. Pupils are given opportunities to practice their skills and to develop their confidence in dealing with mathematical concepts. The activities have been developed in conjunction with a team of teachers and a monitoring panel in
order to create activities which will meet the needs of pupils in Year 3.
There are three levels to each activity. The aim of these is to differentiate the difficulty within the activities.
The activities are within four main themes to enable the pupil to grasp and reinforce mathematical concepts.
Number – estimation, place value, fractions and mental calculations.
Measures and Money – Timetables, measuring instruments, reading scales and coins.
Shape, position and movement – 2D shapes, lines of symmetry, right angles and patterns.
Handling Data – picograms, bar graphs, tables and Venn Diagrams.

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